Buster Graybill-Artist
I harvest memories, stories, language, and objects from the rich cultural geography of rural America and use it as creative fuel. I am using sculpture, installation, video and photography as an all-terrain vehicle to traverse the rural landscape and reconnect with often-overlooked places. I am compelled by the subtle shifts and rapid changes that are occurring in the landscape as urban sprawl continues to consume and displace both nature and culture. My projects explore these moments and places of change, addressing themes of adaptation, displacement, and re- contextualization.

I find poetry, beauty, ingenuity, and humor in the fringe areas that lie “in-between”- places where culture, nature, objects, and aesthetics collide, overlap, adapt and sometimes co-exist. With one foot firmly planted in the rural landscape and the other constantly testing the waters of contemporary art, I find myself thriving in the brackish water of the “in- between”. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides pushing and pulling against the river’s current, my artwork fluctuates between the conflicting vernaculars of country grammar and art speak; between formal and conceptual; between intuition and intellect; and between performance and production.